Recruiting Platform

88M Logistics is built around a multifunctional API platform uniquely designed to optimize employment potential for military veterans or recently commissioned officers. Using highly specified, targeted search criteria and data analytics to find the ideal candidates and match them to a profession that maximizes the mutual benefit of employment.

Our unique platform utilizes API and data analytics on both the candidate search and employment match component of hiring solutions. Our program searches for relevant and highly specified military experience then matches it to employers both within and outside our direct hire network. The quantity of data extracted and analyzed is specific enough to achieve our hiring objectives, yet limited enough to make it digestible and effectively analyzed.

Once prospective leads are identified, 88M Logistics utilizes conversational based, natural language AI to manage the scale of response from potential leads. Although only applicable in the early stages of recruiter contact, the conversational AI platform enables valuable time saving in regards to recruiter outreach. When paired with the data analytics, inherent to the API platform, the auto response capability makes it possible for individuals within the firm to manage the incredibly large recruitment pool of the US Military With a data driven recruitment network and AI enabled lines of preliminary communication, 88M is able to leverage a large, focused pool of military veterans and recently commissioned officers. This enables greater flexibility in regards to our hiring practices, making it possible for us to engage in additional staffing services such as temporary staffing and internship recruitment.

88M Logistics utilizes a unique algorithm and highly specific search requests to optimize data collection on prospective leads. Extracting information from various social media platforms, looking where others don’t, finding value where others wont. The difference between the practices employed by the more generalized data analytics firms or hiring agencies is the methodology employed within the search criteria. This methodology is specially designed to find and categorize various data points as they pertain to active military members and veterans. Our approach optimizes the data that is extracted allowing our program to stay well below the data scraping throttling and protocol of most major social media platforms and job boards. Designed to work within the terms of use for various platforms, our system draws upon specific data points found within the user profiles and exports the data to a platform where it can be easily digested. In regards to online data regulation, our system is flexible and able to react to the uncertainty that the current political climate presents.